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Nantes – Evian Preview

Only superlatives should be used to characterize Nantes’ game last week. They put salt on Rennes’ wounds by giving them a football lesson.

It is just amazing how compact and solid Nantes is. Every single player knows exactly his role, but not only that, they are also aware of the roles of teammates next to them and continuously cover each other whenever, for various reasons, there’s an empty space.

Not even a spider web could be intact when Nantes play as they successfully cover all corners of the field.

Their confidence is skyrocketing after 2 wins and convincing displays. This will be furthermore boosted by the return from injury of fullback Veigneau (team captain) and winger Nicolita.

Both of them are important players and their presence couldn’t come at a better moment. Winger Bessat sustained an injury last round and now Nicolita can successfully replace him.

The left side with young fullback Alhadhur over there was some kind of an weakness, but now captain Veigneau returned to offer confidence and stability so that rest of the players can mind their own business in peace.

It is only the 9th round and Evian are going through a transition phase. A couple of rounds ago their entire tactics relied on fullbacks exchanging roles with wingers and advancing a lot. Fullback Dja DjeDJe was the most important player in the team, even more important than striker Berigaud. But Dja DjeDje got injured and so did replacement Mensah.

This only means that Evian will be forced to switch back to a normal system where fullbacks are only covered by the defensive midfielders.

Wass will retake his place as a fullback but once you tasted caviar you’ll never enjoy salami again…

For Evian a normal system without an ace up the sleeve means no results. They played in such a system in the first 3 rounds and only got 1 point.

Besides not working for them, it will also mean a bit of confusion for players and maybe even disappointment (in Wass’ case).

At 1.85 the dds on Nantes aren’t high, but home win is the most probable outcome.

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