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Nantes Caen Preview

nantes caen preview


It was surprising to see Nantes so determined and compact last week against Nice (won 1-0). Players were very active in midfield, and managed to create numerical superiority that made the difference.

Hosts don’t have any motivation for the final rounds, but it seems players aren’t as lethargic as in previous weeks.

Nantes don’t need prolonged possession in order to find the net. Attacking players are very young and agile, and can take many Ligue1 opponents by surprise.

Coach Der Zakarian will be forced to make a couple of changes as playmaker Bammou and central defender Vizcarrondo will be suspended, while defensive midfielder Toure is injured.


It was a boring game between Caen and Bastia last round, played mostly in midfield, and with only a few scoring opportunities.

Caen imposed the rythm, but they had to use many players in the attacking phase. If opponents wouldn’t have been toothless upfront, they could have easily exploited on counters.

For a couple of weeks already Caen’s attacking players seem to be in a standstill, as they lack creativity and are always in a rush.

Guests will welcome back defensive midfielder Seube after suspension.


A game between two sides lacking motivation, with hosts having a small advantage thanks to their pragmatic forwards. However, the odds on Nantes are too low to hold any value.

UPDATE: Nantes will have to do without central defender Cana who is injured. Guests will miss central defender Yahia (injured as well)

Nantes: Dupé, Ré.Riou – Djidji, Dubois, Lenjani, Kwateng, Sabaly, Walongwa – Adryan, Alegue, Bedoya, Gillet, R.Gomis, Thomasson, A.Touré – M’Laab, Sala, Audel

Caen: Vercoutre, Reulet – Appiah, Da Silva, Ben Youssef, Adéoti, Raineau – Seube, Diomandé, Leborgne, Delaplace, Bessat, Féret, Nkololo – Delort, Rodelin, Louis, Ntibazonkiza

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