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Nantes Angers Preview

nantes angers preview



Nantes have been a real force since the season resumed, but lately they have reduced rythm and were even eliminated from the French Cup by Ligue2 side Sochaux.

Before March Nantes were undefeated in 2016, and looked like real contenders for a place in Europa League next season. But now players seem tired, and especially offensive players aren’t as creative as about a month ago.

The energy levels diminished, and coach Der Zakarian really needs to make some changes in order to assure freshness for the end of the season.

Hosts may be without defender Cana and forward Bammou who suffered injuries last round.


It’s been a disappointing year so far for Angers who won only 2 Ligue1 games since the season resumed. Especially lately, they have been dominated by most opponents and had major difficulties in creating real scoring opportunities.

Last round Angers were again cornered by opponents, but managed to escape with a draw (finished 0-0 against St Etienne). They missed key midfielder Ndoye who was suspended. He will return to the lineup this round and the overall strength should improve.

In the first part of the season Angers was one of the most organized side in Ligue1. Unfortunately things changed after the winter break, and while most Ligue1 clubs in the upper half of the table improved, Angers struggled to stay competitive with the same team.


Most probably hosts will be the ones imposing the rythm, but all possession will be in vain if they won’t be able to find lucid solutions in the finishing phase.

UPDATE: It’s official, Nantes will miss central defender Cana.

Nantes: Riou, Dupé – Lenjani, Vizcarrondo, Sabaly, Djidji, Moimbé, Dubois – Gillet, Touré, Gomis, Bedoya, Iloki, Thomasson, Adryan – Sala, Bammou, Audel, Sighthorsson.

Angers: Letellier, Petric, Andreu, Angoula, Thomas, Traoré, Bourillon, Bouka Moutou, Manceau, Saïss, Ndoye, Mangani, Diers, Auriac, Capelle, Ketkeophomphone, Sunu, Yattara, Karanovic.

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