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Nancy on the sure path to Ligue2

Nancy’s suicidal policies are nothing more than a sure and quick path to 2nd division. Decision takers at the club already gave up any hope and are only trying to exploit the rest of the season at maximum. Playmaker Mollo was loaned to Saint Etienne.
Besides central defender Puygrenier he was their best man so far. He’s got more flaws than a shipwreck, but even so, belonging to a mediocre group made him more visible than ever. He’s only loaned, not sold (yet). Nancy’s president and vice-president hoped that with this move they could calm the waters at the club, as Mollo was raising his voice louder and louder against coach Fernandez. His move to St Etienne was accompanied by insults and attacks directed at coach Fernandez and some teammates (captain Andre Luiz) included.

But he is not the only one to leave. The vice president of the club confirmed that players like Bakar and Moukandjo will follow. They are both offensive players, and if Moukandjo couldn’t find a place in the National division, Bakar was pretty helpful to the team, especially in the last rounds. His transfer is imminent and it’s all about the money. Officials gave up hope for another season in Ligue1 and Bakar’s contract will end in July, meaning he will be able to leave for free. In an attempt to avoid that, they will sell him now, disregarding that the season is still far from over, refusing to play their chances, and placing money above all.

The transfer window is not closed yet, but anyone can make an opinion looking at their first transfer: a central defender (or a defensive midfielder) from the Qatar league, where most the games end up with 4 or 5 goals scored….

Bokies slashed the odds for Nancy to relegate at around 1.10…. and that’s really out of common with only half the season gone…

Nancy’s fans deserve better….

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