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Nancy – Lorient Preview Round22

Nancy is getting decimated right under our eyes. Fullback Haidara just left the team and others will follow. He was an important player and showed great form after the winter break. Actually Nancy started to rely a lot on playing down the flanks, with Haidara, Karaboue and Grange (the other 2 will most probably leave as well…)

These are really crazy times for the hosts as players are aware that everyone one of them is out there on the market and all they have left to do is show the best they got in order to get a good contract with many perspectives.  This is why they seem to be more determined than ever before, they run so much as if their lives would depend on it.

But even so, that’s not enough for getting results and it only leads to exhaustion. Skills lack upfront as Bakar is not Ligue1 material (even if he managed one or two long distance goals) while the other players are nothing more than mediocre. Once the transfer window will close Nancy will start registering defeat after defeat, with no motivation left and no power to do anything about it.

Only good news for Lorient. The first one is that they started scoring and being dangerous even without forward Traore (at CAN) and Corgent (injured). Especially their left flank with Monnet Pacquet helped by Lautoa can give headaches to any defense. Opening spaces is a piece of cake for them. Actions often end by serving assist to forward Aliadiere.

Another good news is that defender Ecuele Manga is finally fit after a long period of absence. he can visibly strengthen one of their weakest points, the defense.

With Lorient’s defense improving (Ecuele Manga back) and Nancy lacking a proper finisher and even a proper creative player, hosts will find it almost impossible to penetrate the box. Even if Nancy will use a defense in 5 (they often do) Lorient’s offensive players have the power, skills and speed to open it up.  Guests will most probably return home with all the points


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