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Montpellier – Nantes Preview

Montpellier must be cursed or something as they keep on getting red cards game after game.

It is not enough they have to deal with a less than average coach (Fernandez), but it seems the entire universe is against them. In the Cup against Sochaux they finished in 8 men, after midfielder Martin got a red and Hilton and Sanson suffered injuries after all the substitutions were made.

Needless to say it was an exhausting game (lost in extra time) in which Montpellier used all regulars. Furthermore they’ve lost the aforementioned players for the game with Nantes.

With a poor coach, tired and without a couple of important players I believe Montpellier don’t even want to enter the stadium anymore…

Central defender Hilton will be severely missed. He’s the most experienced defensive player Montpellier have. Fullback Tiene also got injured and is doubtful so they will have some serious problems in putting together a defense. At least fullback Jebbour fulfilled his suspension and will be available.

Only upfront Montpellier will look the same. But that’s where exhaustion enters the scene. All offensive players made extra efforts in Montpelier’s last 2 games. Like I already said they keep on getting red cards and this is a major cause for additional tiredness, especially for the offensive players.

The attacking midfielders Bakar – Cabella – Camara will need professional assistance in lifting their legs…

Nantes afforded the luxury of resting some key players in the Cup game, like forward Djordjevic, winger Gakpe, both central defenders and central midfielder Veretout. Now all of them will return.

I have to say I am really impressed by Nantes’ coach Zakarian. Players are very motivated in each game, they know exactly what their task is, and in the same time also know by heart the roles of teammates. This is why they always appear to be in numerical superiority, as players are always covering each other.

For sure Nantes will let Montpellier take the initiative from the first whistle, knowing that hosts could not possibly last more than 1 half in their current condition.

Nantes have what it takes to resist Montpellier’s attacks and strike deadly on counters.

Bookies must be masochistic seeing we get 1.96 for Nantes +0.25. Take it now as it will surely drop.

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