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Montpellier – Marseille Preview

Both Montpellier and Marseille lost their first official games of 2015 and got eliminated from the French Cup.

In Montpellier’s case the defeat is not that shameful as they were up against PSG and had a decent performance in-spite losing 3-0.

As expected coach Courbis started in the best possible formula, only first choice keeper Jourdren was left on the bench due to a broken finger. He should be fully fit and take his place in the lineup against Marseille on Friday.

Montpellier’s game was a bit rigid but opponents left no spaces available for making maneuvers and it was almost impossible for them to reach the penalty box. But midfielders moved around well and managed to create numerical superiority against the most powerful club in Ligue1.

Huge disappointment at Marseille after they lost at penalties in-front Grenoble (3rd division) and got eliminated from the French Cup. During the 120 minutes Marseille took the lead 3 times but they always got superficial, took the foot off the gas and got equalized every time.

Coach Bielsa assumed full responsibility but to be honest there is not much he could have done, since Marseille used all regulars and only fullbacks Mendy and DjaDjedje and midfielder Ayew started on the bench.

Morale may be a bit affected after this defeat but Marseille are still topping the league and surely they are more determined than ever to start the 2nd part of the season in force.

Marseille will miss 2 important players, defender N’Koulou and midfielder Ayew, both of them on international duty at the African Cup of Nations.

DjaDjedje will be a starter this time and it will be interesting to see the battle Mounier (Montpellier) vs DjaDjedje (Marseille) since DjaDjedje’s offensive appetite is well-known and winger’s Mounier skills allows him to exploit even the tiniest holes.

UPDATE: Montpellier will miss keeper Jourdren (injured) and fullback Tiene (African Cup of Nations)

Montpellier: Pionnier, Ligali – Congré, Hilton, B.Dabo, El Kaoutari, Deplagne, Jebbour – J.Marveaux, Mounier, J.Martin, Lasne, Sanson – Bérigaud, Barrios, So.Camara, Bakar, Ribelin

Marseille: S.Mandanda, B.Samba – Aloé, B.Dja Djedje, Doria, Fanni, Ben.Mendy, J.Morel, A.Sané – Imbula, Lemina, Romao, Thauvin – Batshuayi, Boutobba, Gignac, Omrani, Payet

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