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Montpellier – Lyon Preview

Somehow Montpellier failed to win last round at Ajaccio after taking the lead early in the game and playing against 10.

They always do enough for being equals with the opponents and never make extra efforts to outplay them. The 7 consecutive draws are proof for that…

These are tough times for Montpellier as there are no Belhanda and Utaka anymore. Young Cabella doesn’t feel comfortable without them as nobody helps him to achieve full potential.

But the one hurting the team the most is coach Fernandez. He is constantly changing players or taking them from one side to another adding to their confusion.

Lately he started using Bakar on the right wing. Bakar is one of his ex players from Nancy, a mediocre player with no qualities standing out. Because of his inclusion in the first team he changed the entire system. Usual right winger Camara started as a striker. Instead of being in the center midfield Cabella was placed on the left wing, because Camara likes having Cabella on his side and not behind him.

Talented winger Mounier is never allowed to show his abilities as he almost always starts on the bench. He could make a great and dangerous couple with Cabella in the midfield, but Fernandez fails to understands that, or maybe he’s got a share in Bakar’s future transfer fee…

If Montpellier would start with Mounier – Cabella – Camara in midfield and Montano as a striker for at least 2 games in a row they would find a proper rhythm and would definitely look better.

Instead players are constantly moved from one position to another depriving them of form.

But for this particular game the biggest problem for Montpellier will be the suspension of their fullbacks Tiene and Jebbour. This means Congre and Mezaque will start as fullbacks. Both of them are fragile players, precipitated in interventions and prone to childish errors.

Defensive midfielder Stambouli is just not capable of providing support. His interventions are made with eyes closed and he can be easily taken out of play by the simplest of dribbles.

Following the Europa League game against Vitoria Guimaraes, Lyon once again showed they could use some enforcements in the building phase.

It is true that midfielder Grenier played only half an hour but even so, besides some long balls inside the box, Lyon could not create much. However Guimaraes were way more compact than Montpellier could ever be with the current squad and coach…

They’ve lost defender Umtiti and this can be quite a blow knowing that Bedimo, Lopes and Bisevac are also sidelined through injury.

There’s a possibility for Lyon to use the same back line as against Guimaraes, a defense that locked decent with the exception of Fofana’s error that resulted in a goal for the opponents.

The good news for Lyon is that winger Danic returned from injury. He is an experienced and talented player and a couple Grenier – Danic could really make a difference, especially up against fullbacks like Congre or Mezaque.

Lyon are without a couple of important players (Bisevac, Bedimo, Umtiti, Gourcuff, Lopes), they are a bit tired after playing a disappointing mid week game, they are out of form, but still they have what it takes to get something from Montpellier.

For Lyon the flanks are sacred and over there they definitely have more potential than Montpellier, especially now with Montpellier’s fullbacks suspended.

Even if Lyon will miss a couple of defenders, they usually agglomerate in defense and make it hard for opponents to find empty spaces.

At this moment the odds for Lyon +0.25 are 1.94 but this price will keep on rising as many will blindly jump on Montpellier because of Lyon’s injuries and possible tiredness. I suggest you wait until game day and take Lyon +0.25 or even +0.5 if the price will keep on growing.

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