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Montpellier – Bastia Preview

Montpellier didn’t had many chances last round away at St Etienne (lost 2-0). Montpellier resisted in the first half but got overwhelmed soon after the break and didn’t had the willpower to even try and bounce back.

Montpellier had no motivation and they just stood there and waited for the final whistle.

But it will be a different story against Bastia this week, seeing this is their final chance of the season to please own fans. Offensive players Cabella and Niang should once again be very active and constantly threat the opponent.

Montpellier uses 3 central midfielders who are more defensive minded, but most likely this round they will get more involved than ever in the offensive phase.

There are no news regarding the situation of central defender Hilton so most probably he will miss once again.

Bastia were surprisingly lively last round against Lille (finished 1-1). Especially impressive was the offensive phase even if most of their attempts went wide.

Coach Hantz gave Khazri and Boudebouz one more chance after the recent poor performances and introduced them in the lineup. Both of them looked very confident and were involved in most of Bastia’s attacking actions. In the end winger Khazri was the one who scored the equalizer furthermore increasing the level of confidence.

Defensively Bastia still gave away many spaces but Lille were too slow and preoccupied with conserving the lead rather than increasing it…

It doesn’t really matter where the 3 points will go, so without the pressure of the result this can be the most entertaining encounter of the round. With Cabella and Niang eager to please fans and Khazri and Boudebouz having increased confidence there should be plenty of scoring opportunities. Over 2.75 at 1.92

UPDATE: No surprises in the squads.

Montpellier: ourdren, Pionnier – Bocaly, Congré, Hilton, Tiéné, El Kaoutari, Deplagne, Jebbour – J.Martin, Cabella, Sanson, Stambouli, Saihi – Mounier, Mb.Niang, Aït Fana, So.Camara, Deza

Bastia: Landreau, J-L.Leca – Harek, D.Diakité, Modesto, Palmieri – Ab.Keita, Romaric, Sablé, Cahuzac, S.Yatabaré, Boudebouz, Khazri – Barbato, Ilan, D.Cissé, Raspentino, Bruno

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