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Monaco – Toulouse Preview

In spite of winning the first 2 games of the season Monaco were kind of disappointing so far.

Especially the last game against Montpellier left a bitter taste. Just looking at the final score (4-1) one couldn’t possibly understand what I am talking about. But for someone who saw the game my words make perfect sense.

The double standards of the referee made the difference between Monaco and Montpellier…

There’s no denying it, they have quality in the squad, but a more in depth analysis is required. The defense is as solid as it could be, especially when it is constantly helped by 2 defensive midfielders: Obbadi and Toulalan. But this unconditioned help has its drawback. For example the offense suffers a lot from lack of creativity and involvement. Monaco relies mainly on the flanks for building actions that finish most the times with long balls for Falcao. Now, that’s no way of playing football…

Colombian Rodriguez will return after injury and most probably will take Riviere’s place in the team. The deal with these two is kind of strange. Riviere lacks skills (ligue2 player…) but is in a tremendous form, while Rodriguez is very talented but is visibly out of shape (he played in the 1st game and barely touched the ball).

Their opponents Toulouse are going through a change this season, since they are without their midfield brain, winger Tabanou sold to St Etienne.
Midfielder Regattin was set to take his place, but until now he seems unprepared and overwhelmed.

Defender Zebina is still injured, but newly arrived Spajic seems to fit in well enough.

Just like Monaco, Toulouse’s defense is also assisted by 2experienced defensive midfielders: Didot and Siriex. And with Abdennour in the central defense, Toulouse look pretty solid at the back.

Upfront striker Ben Basat got injured and will miss, leaving only fragile Ben Yedder alone to deal with Monaco’s solid defense. Toulouse bought this week talented forward Braithwhite from Esbjerg, but time will pass until he’ll leave a mark on the team.

What we have here are two strong and confident defenses up against reduced creativity and building power.
If we won’t have another referee with affinity for one team or another, under 2.5 goals is guaranteed.

I guess the bookies are expecting a trashing or something, since the price for under is amazingly good at 1.97. With an impartial and objective referee, the joke will be on the bookies at the end of the game…

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