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Monaco – PSG Preview

Le Cashico…

Monaco struggled hard last round to keep up with the fast paced rythm imposed by opponents Lorient (finished 2-2).

Central midfielder Toulalan was suspended so the defensive phase missed an important element. Fortunately he will return now to increase the defensive potential.

It’s no news by now that striker Falcao is out injured. But one man’s misfortune is another man’s gain, as forward Germain is in incredible form and managed to score in both last 2 rounds.

In-fact all players who are involved in the offensive phase are more active and have increased playing appetite ever since Falcao is out, even fullback Kurzawa who scored 3 goals in the last 4 rounds.

In the midweek Cup game away at Nantes, PSG had most of the possession but had a hard time in creating dangerous opportunities. In-fact, with only 1 or 2 exceptions, all of PSG’s games so far in 2014 can be characterized this way: lack of imagination. They are in a creative standstill in this moment.

Wingers, who used to play a major role in PSG’s strategy, almost always miss the target nowadays, no matter if they aim for a teammate (cross) or at goal.

It’s going to be even more difficult for PSG with Cavani out injured, as he could have made a real difference.

The lack of inspiration upfront doesn’t change the fact that PSG are solid in defense. Still there is always space on the right side where Van der Wiel is not that speedy and confident in interventions. His direct opponents for this game will be Kurzawa and Germain, players who can simply make a fool out of Van der Wiel given their current form.

The advantage is definitely for Monaco, especially since they have a strong defense and PSG lack ideas upfront. Also Monaco should be the pones creating more real scoring opportunities.

Monaco +0.5 at the price of 1.70 with medium to high confidence.

Another argument in favor of Monaco is that PSG are already 5 points ahead and for a couple of years already we keep on hearing how officials at Ligue de Football Professionnel take pride in how balanced Ligue1 is. They also give advices to other officials around the world on how to make their competitions more balanced. PSG winning the title by big margin will only undermine their credibility and also ultimately could diminish people’s interest in Ligue1. So, even if referee Stephane Lannoy is not known for doing dirty work, he could tip the balance for Monaco in a subtle manner.

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