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Monaco – Marseille Preview

Everyone in the world knows by now that Monaco’s striker Falcao got inured and will be missing for a long time.

News journals all over the world started their editions with the injury of striker Falcao, it’s like the world has gone mad.

[restrict paid=true level=1] It’s true that Falcao is Monaco’s top-scorer with 9 goals so far but he is far from indispensable. In-fact there was a period in the first part of the season when Falcao was injured and Monaco ticked better than ever.

At that time even winger Carrasco was injured (a regular before the winter break but only a reserve now) so everyone thought offensively Monaco will struggle. But Rodriguez entered the scene, he assumed more responsibility, got more involved in the game and as a consequence Monaco created more chances than with Falcao around.

With Falcao in the field he is almost always the final destination for most balls. With him absent, midfielders make more passes, advance more, push the game and corner opponents. Believe it or not Falcao’s injury may actually be a blessing for Monaco… It all depends on Rodriguez’s form.

Last round against Toulouse, Falcao was invisible and Rodriguez showed big playing appetite, so for me personally there’s nothing to worry about.

Ever-since Baup left and coach Anigo took over, Marseille concede about 2 goals per game. Anigo has little to no coaching experience and the consequences can be seen in Marseille’s results.

There was a period when Valbuena was injured and Marseille played with 3 defensive minded central midfielders (instead of 2 usually). Now Valbuena is back but still Anigo prefers to use 3 central midfielders with a predilection for the defensive phase, and move Valbuena on the wing, like he did against Nice.

It seems that central midfielders are stepping on each-others’ toes and always feel uncomfortable in crowded spaces.

Central defender Diawara is hibernating. He moves in slow motion, by the time he lifts a leg the ball is long gone towards the net.

Defender N’Kolou is the one always on alert but he got injured and will miss this game. Most likely Mendes will be the one substituting him. He is a decent player but can’t be compared with solid N’Kolou, and also lacks form (always a reserve).

There is a rumor going on that coach Anigo will swtich to a defense in 5 to stop conceding so many goals. But for that he will need to convert a fullback or a central midfielder and it will actually do more harm than good.

Imagine that, 5 defenders and 3 defensive minded central midfielders for Marseille… Quite shameful…

A change in system or not it doesn’t really matter. Without N’Kolou and with Diawara in poor form Marseille are doomed, as with Rodriguez, Moutinho, Ocampos or Carrasco, Monaco’s creativity is at high levels.

Since the game opened the price on Monaco increased. Superficial gamblers are throwing away money because of Falcao’s injury. Monaco to win at 1.80 with medium confidence.[/restrict]

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