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Monaco gets back €50m thanks to France’s highest court

Last season French football association (or LFP) decided that all clubs participating in Ligue1 should be subject to French laws in an attempt to assure a balanced competition.

Since Monaco are located in a financial paradise they were forced to make an agreement with LFP and pay €50m for their participation in Ligue1. Some of the other clubs still considered Monaco needed to pay more since they are able to attract valuable players as they don’t need to pay income tax on their wages. So forced by LFP Monaco agreed to pay €50m for their fiscal advantage over the other Ligue1 clubs.

But the French highest court declared the deal illegal and demanded LFP and Monaco to cancel the transaction withing 4 months. Maybe they were afraid that a precedent would have been created and other French businesses would start asking for a creation of balanced and fair business environment.

Monaco will soon get their money back and hopefully they will put it to good use, especially since a couple of important players left and they are yet to transfer-in replacements (Kondogbia, Berbatov, Stekelenburg).

Maybe the most notable transfer so far is young central midfielder Pasalic from Chelsea (20 years old) but he has yet to prove himself on the international footballing stage.

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