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Metz – Bordeaux Preview

Metz were very shy last round against Lens (lost 2-0). They had a couple of scoring opportunities but overall the performance was pretty disappointing.

Many fans are blaming central midfielder Kashi for the offensive softness, as ever since he recovered from injury Metz’s play is slower and more predictable. He is a defensive midfielder, but even so, Kashi never assumes any kind of responsibility and most of his passes are for teammates at the back.

Still, Metz can be very dangerous on the flanks with fullbacks Metanire and Bussman advancing a lot and getting engaged in actions with wingers Lejeune and Malouda. There is also talented winger N’Gbakoto always ready to add more speed to the play.

Coach Cartier often rotates players upfront, so even if this will be a midweek round Metz can be fresh and more determined than ever.

Bordeaux’s coach Sagnol finally gave up playing with three central defenders. Results were good but it was a dangerous approach that could have backfired as it meant embracing opponents’ pressure. There were a couple of rounds in which regular central defenders were injured so maybe Sagnol tried to compensate by adding an extra player.

Just like Metz, Bordeaux focus mostly on creating actions down the flanks. When two teams have the same strategy there is always a good possibility for a game full of fast counters.

Bordeaux also have many options available when it comes to attacking players so freshness can be assured regardless the midweek round.

This game should be packed with quick counters and many clear scoring opportunities on both ends. Over 2.25 goals at 2.17

UPDATE: Bordeaux welcome back fullback Faubert.

Metz: J.Carrasso, M’Fa – Marchal, Milan, Bussmann, Métanire, Palomino, Choplin – Doukouré, Kashi, Krivets, Ngbakoto, Malouda, N’Daw, Lejeune – Maïga, Falcon, Andrada

Bordeaux: C.Carrasso, Jug – Contento, Faubert, Yambéré, Mariano, Pallois, L.Sané – Kaabouni, Khazri, Plasil, Sertic, Ab.Traoré – C.Diabaté, Maurice-Belay, Rolan, T.Touré, Crivelli

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