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Metz – Bastia Preview

Metz from the first rounds seem like a totally different team in comparison to Metz from last week. Ever-since they started using two strikers their level of organization diminished considerably.

Nowadays there are huge spaces in defense and no support from midfield, but in the same time they are more dangerous upfront and create more scoring opportunities. If they continue to use this formula pretty soon Metz will be good candidates for overish games and will take bookmakers by surprise.

Besides losing last round (1-0 away at Nice) Metz also lost keeper Carrasso and striker Krivets due to injury. If Krivets’ absence won’t have a major impact, Carrasso will surely be missed as his reflexes helped Metz concede only 5 goals so far…

Marchal is fully fit and should take his place in central defense, especially after Milan made a couple of blunders, one of which proved to be decisive.

Like usual, Bastia once again struggled to create dangerous chances upfront but were very meticulous when defending. They were however a bit more vulnerable in defense than previous rounds, mainly because fullback Diakite was out injured and Peybernes took his place. Peyberbnes was a bit hesitant, just like the other fullback Palmieri.

Central midfielder Gillet slowly started to pick up from. He made an impressive game 2 weeks ago against Bordeaux and last round even managed to score. Most likely the good performances will continue and he will compensate once again for play-maker’s Boudebouz lack of form.

Tricky game ahead and there’s simply no way of foreseeing if Metz will act crazy again and rush upfront leaving many open spaces in defense or if they will slowly try to build up play. Either way, there is also the question if Bastia will be able to resist and hit on counters.

UPDATE: Bastia’s defensive midfielder Cahuzac is finally available again after injury.

Metz: M’Fa, Oberhauser – Bussmann, Choplin, Marchal, Métanire, Milan, Palomino – Krivets, Lejeune, Kashi, F.Malouda, N’Daw, Ngbakoto, Sarr – Falcon, Andrada, Maïga

Bastia: Areola, Leca – Modesto, Palmieri, Squillaci, Peybernes, Romaric, Marange – Gillet, Kikabidze, Cahuzac, Boudebouz, F.Ayité, Kamano, Maboulou – Mokulu, Ongenda, Tallo

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