Marseille – PSG Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Marseille – PSG Preview

Marseille were simply demolished in Champions League by Dortmund. They were dominated for the entire 90 minutes and never looked like posing any real danger.

It was truly a football lesson. The main problem with Marseille is that they can’t create anything on the left flank, with Ayew over there. Marseille’s left wing is just like a flat tire.

Defensive midfielder Imbula tries to compensate and goes up the field frequently. He’s got a lot of potential and is one for the future. This tactic works for Marseille but mostly when up against average defenses.

Good news for Marseille as striker Gignac and fullback Morel seem to have recovered from injury and may play. Actually, Morel’s recovery may be bad news (if he will be in the lineup) as he seems to have a dark cloud over his head (many childish errors lately).

Undoubtedly the main danger will come from the right side, where Payet will try to engage in combinations with Valbuena and Gignac / Khelifa.
Sadly for Marseille the opposition will be tough with 2 world class defensive midfielders Verratti and Motta. These two alone have the power of rejecting everything Payet and Valbuena try to build.

No matter who will be the striker for Marseille (Gignac, Khelifa or little Ayew) I just don’t see hosts scoring here. They may even use all 3 of them at once…

In an attempt to win some extra readers many are trying to portray this game as a derby, even going so far and comparing it with Barca – Real or Bayern – Dortmund… The weird thing is that even writers employed by the Ligue de Football Professionnel (Professional Football League, French supreme footballing body) try hard to leave to impression of what will be a hard fought derby.

This is just bollocks and the only derby is in fans’ hearts and not on the field. Do you really think that players like Ibrahimovic, Cavani or Lavezzi would start reading the history of French football before entering the field for understating the rivalries and get extra motivation? How can a team with only 1 French player in the first eleven (Matuidi was the sole French player against Dortmund) can take part in any derbies based on tradition? Well the answer is simple, the are no real derbies anymore for PSG, only for their die hard fans.

Not only that but PSG may be more relaxed than ever, since their Champions League campaign is running like a well oiled machine. This tranquility and peace of mind will make them sit back and let Marseille struggle with all the creation woes. PSG have the power to preempt all incoming danger. Scoring may be a bit difficult since forward Cavani is more active in the defensive phase and Ibrahimovic will be left alone with defenders N’Kolou and Mendes.

Under 2.5 goals at the price of 1.81 is a solid bet.

We may also see some cards in this game, well not because extra motivation (especially coming from PSG…) but because of the referee. Turpin is a young guy, around 30 (even younger than Ibrahimovic) and neither PSG nor Marseille have good memories with him.

Last season he ruined 1 game each, Montpellier – PSG where he gave an early red to PSG’s defender Sakho, and Marseille – Lyon where an early penalty for Lyon made the difference.

Turpin also refereed what was believed to be a derby in the 1st round between Nantes and Bastia, a game he simply destroyed by showing a card at every 13 minutes (2 reds).

The interesting thing is that in all the cases mentioned Ligue1 officials were trying to leave the impression those games are derbies (just like is happening with Marseille – PSG). Ever since the Roman empire people just loved to watch others fighting to death and the number of spectators grew each time. What better way to portray the image of a hard fought derby than throwing around some cards, one of which could be a red…

That is why I also took two other bets: a red card to be shown at the price of 3.75, and over 40 points in the card index market at PaddyPower, at the odds of 1.72. Since 1 yellow = 10 points and 1 red = 25 points, this means I am going to need at least 5 yellows or 2 yellows and 1 red.

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