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Marseille – PSG, a fabricated derby

Everyone knows there are no comparison terms between Ligue1 and Bundesliga or Spanish Primera.

But lately more than a few people began to fabricate similarities with the aforementioned leagues and invent derbies out of regular games.

Take Marseille – PSG for instance, yes it’s true that maybe about a decade ago this game would have been a true derby, and it still is a derby in the minds and hearts of the fans. But nowadays we are talking about a PSG side that has only 1 French player in the lineup (Matuidi).
There is no possible way for mercenaries like Ibrahimovic or Cavani to know the history of such a game, to understand the feelings surrounding it and to consider it a derby.
Once you are lacking a cause and you don’t identify yourself with the colors of the club there is no possible way to feel any kind of excitement or motivation.

A league with hard fought derbies attracts interest and interest means money. With the investments of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in PSG and Dmitry Rybolovlev in Monaco now the tournament is more unbalanced than ever and fairly considered worldwide an affair in two: PSG and Monaco. This perception of course puts many away from following the tournament and caring for the ones on the field. Ligue de Football Professionnel are fighting this perception with all their power and as proof we have the initiative to reduce the number of teams from 20 to 18 (still in the debating stage), which is an attempt to make the league more disputed.

So what is there to be done in order to maintain the appearances of a hard fought derby and a balanced league? Fabricate a derby in just three steps:

1. Employ and army of otherwise respectable writers to draw ludicrous parallels between Marseille – PSG and Barcelona – Real

2. Bombard the online and offline media with the word “Classique” when referring to Marseille vs PSG (just like in the case of Barca vs Real)

3. This is the most important step of all: designate a referee that is known to be the favorite soldier for doing the dirty work.

We will concentrate on the 3rd step. The referee for Marseille – PSG was Turpin, the red card and penalties specialist.

Lately Ligue de Football Professionnel always designates him to be in charge of so called derbies:
– Montpellier – PSG last season when Turpin gave an early red card for PSG’s defender Sakho and changed the fate of the game
– Marseille – Lyon played last season when an early penalty for Lyon put the game on a clear path.
– Nantes – Bastia, another pseudo derby ( I am not talking about what the die hard fans think and feel) transformed in a battle by Turpin after showing a card once every 13 minutes (2 of the cards were red)
– Marseille – PSG this season, when the only possible way to motivate the Parisians was to make them play in 10. An analysis was done for this game and the red card was foreseen.

Referee Clement Turpin is nothing more than a soldier of Ligue de Football Professionnel, lacking morality and common sense. Of course his performances are always defended by his employers with puerile arguments like “he can run a mile without blinking” (he should be joining the marathon then…)

We’ve all heard cases of players, referees, mobsters being imprisoned or on trial for fixing games, but there was never a case of those in charge of football associations to be found guilty or even questioned. They are on top and in football everything starts from the top. Take referee Clement Turpin for instance, at this moment he’s got a distorted morality because of the dirty job he is doing for the Ligue de Football Professionnel.
Under these circumstances it is obvious that if by any chance Turpin will ever be approached by a “benevolent sponsor” who’d wish for a game to go in one direction or another, he will blindly agree. Even more that that, he may just take initiative and go search for sponsors himself…

This is not happening only in France but everywhere across Europe from minor to major leagues. It should have been expected since the national football associations aren’t regulated and respond virtually to no one. This is of course after the model promoted by Fifa and Uefa, which at this moment are one of the biggest and most immoral corporations out there.

Interpol and its task force fighting corruption in football are nothing but a joke seeing as they are working exactly with the ones responsible for entire mess. Eyes wide shut while we sign the paycheck…

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