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Marseille – Bordeaux Preview

The change of coach at Marseille clearly had an impact. There’s more vivacity now, players make more efforts.

Unfortunately they are still without important offensive players Valbuena and Ayew and Marseille have to compensate one way or another.

Central midfielder Cheyrou (and even Romao) get more involved in the creation phase and quite often engage in actions with wingers. This is why Marseille have conceded 5 goals in last 3 games. Even Toulouse who are toothless upfront managed to score against them.

The emphasis is on wingers Payet and Thauvin who are always on the lookout for striker Gignac.

The problem is that Bordeaux is a different kind of opponent. Bordeaux are able to lucidly defend and keep ground against any team in France. We could see how they kept Lille at distance and won 1-0 after playing 1 half in 10. The same happened away at Guingamp.

Bordeaux’s strength is definitely the defense with center back Henrique being a wall by himself.
If he will man mark Gignac Marseille could be annihilated and will rely solely on Payet’s and Thauvin’s incursions in the penalty box. But it is very difficult to get past by a compact defense led by midfielder N’Guemo.

Midfielder Sertic and fullback Orban will miss while striker Diabate is doubtful. Diabate is no longer an exponential player, he is out of form and possible replacements (Jussie, Saivet) are way more dangerous.

The good news is that winger Faubert will return after injury. He’s been one of the most important players for Bordeaux in last rounds. His actions on the right side destabilized defenses and because of him Obraniak was placed in the center where he feels more comfortable.

In Faubert’s absence Bordeaux concentrated on building on the other flank where winger Maurice-Belay picked up form and even managed to score last round.

The odds on Marseille are too low. Bordeaux have what it takes to keep a clean sheet and strike deadly on counters, especially with Faubert back and Maurice-Belay in top form.

The odds of 1.90 for Bordeaux +0.5 are very valuable.

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