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Lyon – Montpellier Preview

Lyon used the best team possible (except Gonalons) in the Europa League midweek encounter. The game was exhausting, both physically and mentally, as Lyon managed to score the winner only in the final 10 minutes, after opponents Chernomorets got a red card (won 1-0).

For about 2 weeks now Lyon seem to be in a creative standstill. Unfortunately for them things can’t improve, since midfielder Gourcuff is still out injured. They will welcome back Gonalons but he is very rarely involved in building actions.
Central midfielder Fofana will also miss affecting both the defense and the offense. Furthermore central defender Bisevac is suspended.

Lyon have a good morale in this moment but their defensive power will be diminished, while in attack they suffer from lack of imagination.

Montpellier won over Ajaccio last week (2-0) without many emotions. Nowadays they look infinitely better in comparison to the first part of the season. The defense was strong back then as well, there was only the problem of creating chances and converting them.

Now play-maker Cabella is in excellent form (scored again last round), winger Mounier found some rythm after being only a bench warmer before the winter break, and newly arrived forward Niang is always in the right place, kind of like Inzaghi, an opportunist…

In comparison to last round there shouldn’t be any changes in guests’ lineup, as there are no new reports on injuries.

Both sides are confident in this moment, but Montpellier have an advantage because of the increased vision of attacking players (Cabella, Mounier, Niang). This advantage is not really reflected in the low odds for the home win. Adding to that is the reduced defensive potential because of Bisevac’s suspension, and the possible tiredness accumulated after the midweek game.

The value is definitely on Montpellier +0.5 at 1.95. But Lyon is still a powerful and experienced side, so only low stakes.

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