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Lyon – Marseille Preview

Lyon used the 2nd team in Portugal in Europa League and still managed to win. The atmosphere in the locker is great and confidence is running high at the moment.

Even wasteful Gomis started to be more dangerous and efficient and may actually regain his place upfront. Grenier’s inspiration is also at high levels lately, just like Lacazatte’s determination.

Fullback Miguel Lopes is more involved in each game and started to play an exponential role. He’s got the same playing style as French international Reveillere only he is more prudent in interventions.

Lyon will be without Malbranque and Briand both of them injured but none of them important.

Marseille looked reborn in the midweek Champions League game against Dortmund. I think everyone who saw the game agrees that Dortmund most probably wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for the red card (Dortmund won 2-1 but Marseille played in 10 for about 1h).

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Marseille’s players so determined and full of energy. But still, they were without a couple of important players and offensively relied only on wingers for creating chances. Now once again Marseille will miss attacking midfielders Valbuena and Ayew, and defensive midfielder Romao. All of them are very important for Marseille.

Only central defender N’Kolou will return after being suspended against Dortmund.

Marseille may be more fired up under new coach Anigo but their possibilities are too limited without Valbuena and Ayew. They are predictable relying too much on wingers Payet and Thauvin.

At this moment defensively Lyon are very solid and able to anticipate most moves opponents make. Against Marseille it will be even easier since only on the flanks they are able to pose any danger.

Lyon also have a technique of preserving energy and striking unexpectedly, especially in big games, just like it happened about a month ago when they won away at St Etienne 2-1.

I believe Marseille are on the right track however this game may come to soon for new coach Anigo…

There’s a big possibility for Marseille to be the ones imposing the rythm but Lyon to be actually in control even when they defend.

Odds on Lyon are not that extraordinary but at 2.21 we can still double our investment and get a little extra on the side.

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