Lorient – Metz Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Lorient – Metz Preview

Even if Lorient were dominated for most of the game it can be said they were a bit unfortunate to lose last round away at Bordeaux (ended 3-2).

Lorient were twice in the lead but a only few minutes of hesitancy proved to be disastrous. Once again the left side with fullback Le Goff and winger Guerreiro was the major strength. This time it was Le Goff the one who found the net.

With the exception of a few moments of wandering (that proved to be vital) Lorient’s defensive phase was pretty decent, with constant support from central midfielders.

There is no denying Lorient’s improvement as of late and the upgrade should be more visible against a team belonging in the lower half of the table.

Although they found the net once Metz never stood a chance last round against Marseille (finished 3-1). Metz were fully dominated, constantly cornered and made huge efforts only to keep up with Marseille’s fast paced actions.

Fullbacks had disappointing performances, especially right back Metanire who was easily outplayed either through speed or simple dribbling moves. Metanire will surely have huge headaches this round as his direct opponent will be winger Guerreiro.

Metz created a few chances, mainly down the flanks through wingers Lejeune and Malouda (he also scored), but the overall attacking strength was at Ligue2 level, in-spite using 2 pure strikers.

Metz will miss midfielder Kashi through suspension but he was only a bench warmer last round.

Metz is the poorest away side in Ligue1 (scored only 2 goals in 9 games) and judging by recent performances there is nothing to suggest an improvement. Lorient will push just enough to get the 3 points and get further away from the relegation zone. Lorient -0.5 at 1.93.

UPDATE: Lorient welcome back fullback Pedrinho after injury. Guests are without keeper Carraso and forward Maiga.

Lorient: Lecomte, Chaigneau – Gassama, Wachter, Pedrinho, L.Koné, Guerreiro, Le Goff, Lautoa – Coutadeur, Mostefa, Mesloub, Barthelmé, B.Pelé, Autret – J.Ayew, Jeannot, F.Robert

Metz: M’Fa, Oberhauser – Marchal, Bussmann, Métanire, Palomino, Rivierez, Choplin – Doukouré, Krivets, Ngbakoto, Malouda, N’Daw, Lejeune – B.Sarr, Sido, Falcon, Andrada

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