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Lorient – Evian Preview

Not even Lorient’s players believed in their own chance against Lyon last round. They were simply crushed 4-0 and barely had one decent scoring opportunity.

This will be a rough season for Lorient, mainly because of the poor management that decided they can deal with losing most key players without even trying to substitute them.

Now the chemistry level is at a historic minimum. To understand better imagine two magnets that repel each-other. That’s how Lorient’s players look on the pitch… Seeing that building normally through passes is a tough task for Lorient, they sometimes try to adventure upfront on their own. But instead of coherent dribbling moves players create a mess and get tangled in it.

Lorient will welcome back central midfielder Abdullah who was suspended last round.

Evian got their first win of the season last round against Lens (won 2-1). They started in force, took opponents by surprise and opened the score very early in the game. Once again Wass made an excellent game and was by far Evian’s best player.

But the rest of players only had average performances and in the end Evian were a bit lucky to get all points. For some unknown reason young Costa Rican Tejeda seems to be Evian’s new play-maker. He runs a lot, but unfortunately most of the times is without purpose.

Defenders still have blackouts even if they looked a bit better last round. Evian conceded only once because they afforded to defend with many players, seeing they had a comfortable 2-0 advantage early in the game.

This promises to be an unattractive encounter between two of the poorest Ligue1 sides.

UPDATE: Lorient welcome back central midfielder Abdullah, defender Kone and winger Jouffre.

Lorient: Lecomte, Chaigneau – L.Koné, Le Goff, Guerreiro, Lautoa, Bellugou, Gassama, Pedrinho – Mostefa, Coutadeur, Abdullah, Jouffre, Mesloub, Sunu, Lavigne – Jeannot, A.Ayew, Sa.Diallo

Evian: Hansen, B.Leroy – Cambon, Mensah, Mongongu, Juelsgaard, Sabaly, Abdallah – Sorlin, Koné, Tejeda, Wass, Camus, Ninkovic, Barbosa – Sougou, Nsikulu, Bruno, Nielsen

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