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Lille – Sochaux Preview

Lille had a hard time last round away at Nice who constantly used 7 players for the defensive phase. In the end Lille lost 1-0 after an offside goal.

The game was very balanced, Lille defended at high standards, only upfront they lacked that spark needed to destabilize opponents. Lille should have been more aggressive.

Lille’s coach Girard also made a tactical change. Knowing that opponents Nice are mostly concentrated in the center, coach Girard took forward Roux and attacking midfielder Mendes and placed them on the wings. But this move backfired as both Mendes and Roux were too isolated and received little support on the flanks. No matter their good form, especially Mendes, they could not do anything in this new formula.

Hopefully Girard will realize his mistake and will switch back to Lille focusing in the center.

Lille will be able to use the same squad as last round.

Sochaux’s coach Renard got his 2nd Ligue1 win, and had a look on his face like he just reinvented the wheel… Even if Nantes had the best of chances, their lethargic attack helped Sochaux win the game 1-0. So, in-spite not conceding, there were still huge spaces in Sochaux’s defense.

It is still early but the chances for Sochaux to escape relegation are very slim. Players also know this very well, so egoism plays a major role nowadays. In an attempt to catch a more lucrative contact at the end of the season, Sochaux’s players are more individualistic than ever. Only those of a certain age and enough experience act normal, like Roudet for example.

Roudet is highly talented and experienced player, but due to coach’s Renard weird standards he only played because defensive midfielder Sinkala was suspended. Roudet is normally a winger but he was sacrificed and played in center.

In my eyes he was the man of the match, especially after managing an impressive 30 meters assist.

Sadly for him and for Sochuax’s fans, Sinkala will return from suspension and Roudet will be only on the bench.

Lille failed to win so far in Ligue1 in 2014, even if, especially on home ground, they clearly cornered opponents. Lille should also dominate against Sochaux, only this time they will be able to create more chances, and hopefully they will be more pragmatic at finishing.

Lille to win is definitely good accumulator material. For a single bet Lille -1.5 at 2.20 is definitely worth some medium stakes.

UPDATE: Defenders Kjaer and Souare are doubtful for Lille. Same bet.

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