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Lille – Monaco Preview

After the midweek games both teams got eliminated from the Cup. They’ve rotated squads but the value of substitutes proved not to be enough.

Leaving aside the shameful (but somewhat expected) Cup performances, everyone should know that lately these teams head in separate directions. If Lille haven’t conceded in 6 rounds and their defense is rock solid, even with central defender Basa out injured (he will return now), Monaco keep on making childish defensive mistakes and conceding in each round.

The entire team is to be blamed for the superficial display, but mostly the one who is praised in all corners of the world, winger Carrasco, plays a big part in it. He fails to activate teammates when they are in clear dangerous positions and instead he continues to dribble or shot from the weirdest of positions.

At 20 he is too young and believes the sky is the limit. He tries to achieve too much by himself and actually harms the team. His successful passing rate is way under Monaco’s average in every game.

Because of Carrasco’s attitude, Falcao needs to also take actions on his own or rely only on defensive midfielders for balls. As a result most the times he is not facing the opposite goal but his own teammates.

Moanco’s central midfielders Obbadi and Toulalan are less involved than usual. Their attempts to preempt incoming danger are too soft and inefficient. This is the first cause for Monaco conceding so many.

Like previously said Lille are doing very good, surprisingly good I may add.I don’t think it is a coincidence this winning streak (except Cup game) occurred exactly when midfielder Martin got injured. He is far away from his Sochaux days, only a pale shadow now. All his assists came from set pieces showing inability to cope with fast paced actions and to read teammates. Martin is a talented player, no doubts about that, but he is not himself at Lille, he doesn’t fit the system. Anyway he is injured for this game.

His substitute Rodelin is in great form. He should play mostly in the center but is actually active on all sides. He covers vast areas and this mobility allows him to make a real difference. Even striker Roux began to be more dangerous thanks to Rodelin.

Defensively Lille are running on turbo engines. Furthermore defender Basa will return after injury.

The way Monaco are playing now, with Carrasco acting like a spoiled brat and Falcao seldom facing the opposite keeper, there are very small chances for them to score.

Lille on the other hand, with Rodelin on top form, can exploit the day dreaming moments Monaco’s defenders have in every game.

I was late for this preview and the odds on Lille dropped a bit. Sorry for that. But Lille +0.25 at 1.74 is still a valuable bet.

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