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Lille – Evian Preview

Some may say that Lille finally managed to find themselves but it may be only a misleading impression.

It is true that last round away at Sochaux they dominated, but it was a dormant domination. Rarely they created any danger for the opponents with the exception of the 2 goals.

There’s also another false perception circulating around the French media, namely that play maker Martin finally has room and can express himself, once that Payet is gone. This is simply not true. Ever since he arrived at Lille, Martin was always preferred by teammates when it came to combinations. But the truth is that Martin never adapted at Lille, he doesn’t feel comfortable playing for a team without a fast and tall striker (like he had at his previous team Sochaux).

Delivering one assist from a corner kick doesn’t mean you’re in form…

Striker Roux surprisingly netted twice. Maybe his playing appetite is exceeding normal limits since he was injured in the previous games. But Roux is far from a solid player. He is a slow player, with reduced power of reaction and low precision and shooting power.

Lille’s midfield with Balmont – Mavuba – Gueye seems to static and fails to create numerical superiority both in the defensive and offensive phase.

Central defender Kjaer suffered a knock just before the game last round and most probably will be out for this game as well. This means that Rozenhal will continue to partner Basa in the central defense. He is not a bad player by any means, but he never was a speedy player (not to mention he is 33 now) and will have hard times coping with Evian’s fast offensive players.

Guests were a bit unlucky not to win last round against Montpellier. Evian controlled most of the game, created more opportunities , applied continuous pressure, but the defense was surprised two times early in the game and Evian found it difficult to bounce back.

Once again they’ve held supremacy on the wings, only that this time central midfielders participated more in the offensive phase. the entire team made great efforts to bounce back from 0-2, this is why tiredness may be seen in Evian’s game, especially since they aren’t really used with playing in the midweek.

Even taking tiredness in consideration, the momentum belongs to Evian now and the low odds for Lille aren’t justified.

Guests have fast and talented players on the flanks, starting with fullbacks and continuing with the wingers, and one hell of a striker, Berigaud.

Lille is a slow team, like an old man waiting to give his last breath. They won’t be able to cope with Evian’s lighting actions on the flanks. At 1.83 the price for Evian +1 is simply amazing.

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