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Lille – Caen Preview

As expected Lille controlled the game against Evian on Tuesday. Corchia (normally a fullback) started as a forward, just like at the beginning of the season, but he barely touched the ball and was substituted at half time.

Lille’s most active players were midfielder Balmont and fullback Sidibe. Lille constantly pushed the game forward but once again they had problems in infiltrating inside the penalty box.

Defensively Lille are pretty solid and it takes some considerable efforts to open them up. The only problem is upfront and even if they use three forwards Lille are still slow and uninspired.

Disappointing start of 2015 for Caen after they were eliminated from the Cup by Ligue2 side Dijon.

With 10 minutes to go Caen were leading 2-1 but somehow ended up losing 3-2 after extra time. They have one of the poorest defenses in Ligue1, not necessarily because of stats but mainly because how they perform in the field.

With fullbacks easily outplayed and no support from central midfielders there is no wonder Caen have conceded 1.68 goals per game so far.

The thing is Caen have won more points when playing away and in the first rounds of the season they were considered specialists in counter attacking tactics. Things have changed a bit, opponents learned their strength and found ways to combat it. In this moment Lille are in good confidence and they may take for granted the solid defense and concentrate solely on improving the offensive phase. Caen’s wingers have impressive speed and ball control skills and against a defense left with no support they are able of doing some serious damage.

UPDATE: Lille will have to do without Origi who suffered an injury and is out. Guests will miss defender Musavu King and striker Duhamel

Lille: Enyeama, Elana – Béria, Corchia, D.Sidibé, Kjaer, Y.Koné, Basa, Rozehnal ç Mavuba, Balmont, S.Meïté, Ad.Traoré, Aholou, Delaplace – Rodelin, N.Roux, M.Frey, Koubemba

Caen: Vercoutre, Perquis, Reulet – Calvé, Seube, Appiah, D.Da Silva, Al.Yahia, Saad, Raineau, Pierre, Imorou – Adéoti, Saez, N.Kanté, Féret, Lemar, Beaulieu – Bazile, Nangis, Raspentino, Koita, Privat

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