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Lille – Ajaccio Preview

It was a shame that Lille only got 1 point last round away at Lyon (0-0). They truly deserved to win as from beginning till end they were in charge and controlled the game.

The offensive fragility however prevented them from getting a win. If in midfield things looked great, with Balmont making a great game and running his lungs out for 90 minutes, upfront they just didn’t had the power and the creativity necessary to make the difference.

Not only the forwards, but generally speaking Lille’s players are slow and in consequence their game is slow. There is no mystery for opponents what will be Lille’s next move, because being slow means being predictable and that is Lille’s major weakness.

Forward Kalou, one of the most important players is also one of the slowest players I’ve ever seen. Same goes for the other forward Roux, play-maker Martin or midfielder Mavuba.

In these conditions it is very hard for Lille to infiltrate the opponents’ box, not to mention scoring.

Their strong point is the defense, rock solid with Kjaer and Basa. Fullbacks are also doing well at the moment and are at high confidence. Only by seeing talented fullback Sidibe on the bench we realize the form of regular fullbacks…

Central defender Basa suffered a knock last round but everything seems fine now and he will surely start the game.

Not much can be said about Ajaccio’s display last week as the game was ruined in the early stages by referring mistakes.

As an off topic, the referees in France are at some of the lowest levels in Europe. They are ruining games on a conveyor belt like it’s some kind of contest between them. I do not think they are doing it on purpose, but instead the low level of preparation is to be blamed.

Getting back to Ajaccio everyone must know that they are useless upfront. There must be some kind of conflict between striker Mutu and coach Ravanelli or teammates, as Mutu is not even on the bench anymore. Anyways he would have only smoked the grass from the pitch if he would have played…

Ajaccio do not have a proper striker at the moment and all they can do is attack with the wingers. Needless to say that won’t be enough against Lille.

Even if lately it didn’t looked like that, at the back Ajaccio are quite solid. They use many players in the defensive phase and successfully cover all empty spaces.

Attacking midfielder Goncalves is suspended and most probably Pierazzi will take his place, who has a much more defensive profile.

When I started writing this preview the odds for under 2.5 goals were 1.90, and now they are 1.87 and most likely will continue to go down. Goals will be a rarity in this encounter, giving Lille’s slow play and Ajaccio lack of offensive power. Take the under now before it loses the value.

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