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Ligue1 Round 21: Lorient – Troyes Preview

Lorient are suffering a lot without Traore upfront (away at CAN). In his absence, the team relies mainly on Aliadiere for converting. Veteran forward Giuly could be a better solution that Quercia, but sadly for them coach Gourcuff thinks otherwise… The midfield is still creating chances, mainly due to speedy and inventive players, like Monnet Pacquet is for instance. There are some good news for them as defender Ecuele Manga is operational once again, same as fullback Le Lan. Even if Le Lan is a defender at origins, he’s of better use to the offense. He goes up frequently and engages in lightning actions with Monnet-Pacquet, actions that can easily destabilize any defense.
At the back they are most vulnerable on the sides. There are always many open spaces on the flanks, spaces that can easily be exploited by opponents, especially since central defenders aren’t so confident in their interventions.

Troyes ended up with no points after a great game at home vs Lyon. They built many chances and constantly threatened but luck wasn’t on their side. Winger Darbion is just an outstanding player as he can chage the result on the score board on his own. Play maker Nivet is also in a great form and there’s no telling what he may come up with next.

Troyes is in general an offensive team, a team that relies mainly on outscoring the opponent. At the basis of this attitude is the shakiness of the defense. If you concede early there aren’t many other options than trying to get back in the game… With an addition or two in the defensive line they would have been free of relegation woes, but sadly for them it’s not the case.

In spite of Lorient’s recent problems upfront (no Traore and no Corgnet) they are a team that can create enough pressure for most defenses in this league to crack, and Troyes’ defense is no wall… Fullback Le Lan will definitely be an offensive boost, while Troyes’ Darbion will be mastering the flanks. Over 2.5 should pay without much emotions.

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