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Ligue1 Round 20 : Reims – Bastia Preview

Hosts had a period of a few rounds in the first part of the season when it looked like they can cruise in Ligue1 with no relegation worries whatsoever. But it proved to be only an illusion. The injury of their top striker Courtet did a lot of damage. He recovered about a month ago, but failed to pick up form and ever since is struggling in mediocrity. Together with him, the other most important offensive midfielder, winger Diego, lost confidence and form. His creativity is gone now as whenever he’s got the ball he’s hesitant and can’t make up his mind regarding the next move.

Having this issues upfront, another players rise up, attacking midfielder Ghilas. He was the one making most the efforts near the end of the first part of the season. His attitude added confidence and fighting spirit in the entire team. But now Ghilas is away at the African Cup of Nations, together with keeper Agassa and winger Fortes (another important player).
If in the offensive hard times are foreseen for Reims, at the back they look better. The defense has good potential with Tacalfred and Weber in the center. They are not like Puyol and Pique, but make a good couple together (in a professional manner way). However on the flanks they still suffer.

Bastia is one of the toughest team to analyze in this league. They go from one extreme to another every week. Now they rely on the flanks and next week they play balls only in the center. Now their defense is rock solid and next week is like hot plastic…

One thing is for sure regarding them, and that’s their attitude, they always give their best and act like savages. Maybe that’s their biggest strength… Keeper Landreau will play his first game for Bastia this round. They will be withouth the services of defensive midfielder Cahuzac (injured), and offensive players Khazri and Yatabare (CAN). These two players are regulars, but far from important players. Lately Thauvin has been their most exponential offensive player.

Considering that hosts will have problems upfront with an out of form Courtet and without Ghilas and Fortes, Bastia with a bit of concentration and a new keeper have the power of rejecting Reims’ actions. With Rothen’s experience and talent in the midfield, guests are able to pose enough threat and eventually convert one of their chances.
Double chance on Bastia

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