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Ligue1 – place for growth

A new study revealed that last season Ligue1 attendance increased by 6% with the average stadium being 72% full. The recent investments in PSG and Monaco are the primary reasons for such a growth but also the clean and open playing styles of Lyon, Marseille and even Bordeaux (and a couple of other teams) are reasons for bringing more fans to the stadium.

On the other hand Ligue2 attendance fell significantly by 22% and we can only guess the reasons behind such a dramatic change in numbers. Some of the fans may have switched to Ligue1 (a much more interesting tournament) while others simply stopped supporting their team due to the low quality of the tournament, the poor refereeing standards and the constant move of quality players. The balanced games and the low number of goals scored may have also played a role in driving fans away. In 2014 – 2015 season only 855 goals were scored (2.25 goals per games), less than in 2013 – 2014 season when 939 goals were scored (2.47 goals per game).

There is definitely place for growth in both Ligue1 and Ligue2 and French teams should have that in mind when negotiating deals with sponsors. In comparison to the last decade, nowadays there is no problem in attracting talented players, no matter the club we are talking about, and this characteristic should only help increase the local, national and even international interest in Ligue1.

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