Lens – Rennes Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Lens – Rennes Preview

About two weeks ago Lens seem to be heading in the right direction and everyone thought they were pretty close of getting the first Ligue1 victory in 2015.

But Lens reduced rythm and are once again struggling to pick up some form and confidence. Even if last round Lens managed to create some decent scoring opportunities in the end they were simply destroyed and the score difference was overwhelming (Caen won 4-1).

Defenders are too easily outplayed and Lens end up conceding goals from all possible potions, without opponents making extra efforts.

Hosts will welcome back fullback Baal after suspension but may miss winger Touzghar who suffered an injury (again…).

Rennes scored early last round against Bordeaux, got lazy, abandoned the fight and concentrated mostly on defending. In these conditions the final outcome was unavoidable (1-1 draw).

Inconsistency is probably Rennes’ major weakness and prevents them from getting better results. Rennes are happy to withdraw in defense as soon as they open the score, regardless the opponents and their capabilities.

The good news is that winger Ntep scored his second goal in Ligue1 this year and hopefully this will be a much needed boost for the confidence level.

Rennes may miss midfielder Pajot who suffered an injury last round.

Both sides are in bad form but Rennes have an upper hand here because of individual talent. If it wouldn’t have been for the small team mentality Rennes would have been worthy of a bet.

UPDATE: Seems like forward Touzghar is available and ready for action. Guests will miss midfielder Pajot

Lens: Belon, Riou – Ba, Baal, Boulenger, Gbamin, Landre, Kantari – Bourigeaud, Cyprien, Le Moigne, El Jadeyaoui, Valdivia – Guillaume, Coulibaly, Chavarria, Madiani, Touzghar

Rennes: Costil, Sorin – Mexer, Armand, Moreira, Diagne, Lenjani, M’Bengue, André – Fernandes, Doucouré, Prcic, Konradsen – Habibou, Henrique, Toïvonen, Ntep, Grosicki

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