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Lens – Caen Preview

Lens got surprised last round by Evian’s vivacity and conceded two goals quite early in the game (lost 2-1). It was difficult for Lens to bounce back especially when Evian quickly changed the system and concentrated on defending.

Right fullback Gbamin made an awful game and if he won’t get his head straight Caen’s wingers will surely take advantage of this vulnerability.

Ever-since winger Nomenjanahary got injured it seems Lens reduced the rythm. They aren’t so dangerous on counters anymore and have a hard time creating fast paced actions. More midfielders are used in building up play and so defenders can be left alone to deal with potential threats.

Caen couldn’t take advantage of PSG’s unconvincing attitude in away games and ended up losing 2-0. They had a couple of good chances but were too eager to make the shot and couldn’t wait for a better position. They were surely aware that many people expected a good result from them and were also a bit nervous because of opponents’ name and fame.

Until now Caen won more points away than at home, fact that proves they simply love the counter-attack tactic. This technique is perfectly suited for the skills of striker Duhamel and winger Nangis.

But whenever Caen try to control the game and build normal actions from scratch they fail. Slowly opponents will learn what Caen are made of and it won’t be rocket science to combat them.

Hosts surely won’t rush upfront like savages, especially knowing how much damage Caen can do on counters. Both sides will be happy to wait and rely only on long balls for the lone striker until opponents make a vital mistake.

UPDATE: Good news for Lens as they welcome back winger Nomenjanahary.

Lens: Belon, Ru.Riou – Baal, Cavaré, Gbamin, Kantari, Landre – Bourigeaud, Cyprien, El Jadeyaoui, Le Moigne, Nomenjanahary, Valdivia – Chavarria, Ad.Coulibaly, Guillaume, D.Ndiaye, Touzghar

Caen: Vercoutre, Perquis – Calvé, Appiah, Raineau, Musavu-King, D.Da Silva – Adéoti, Saez, Seube, N.Kanté, Lemar, Féret – Nangis, Raspentino, Koïta, Bazile, Duhamel

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