Instead of playing in Ligue1 Troyes could be relegated to the 3rd division

After an excellent season in Ligue2 and a well deserved promotion in Ligue1 Troyes could be relegated to the 3rd tier of French football because of a €5m debt. The DNCG (National Directorate of Management Control – the organization responsible for monitoring and overseeing the accounts of professional football clubs in France) found the debt and took the decision to relegate Troyes.

Toyes’ President Daniel Masoni puts his hopes in the appeal and seems to be very confident. If the club will pay the debt most probably everything will work out fine both for the club and for the creditor. Troyes aren’t exactly low on funds and the perspectives also look good since young and talented forward Corentin Jean is in talks with Monaco for a transfer valued at around €4m.

In case Troyes won’t pay the debt and won’t win their case Evian will be the ones playing another season in Ligue1. To be honest after watching both teams perform this season French football would only win with Troyes in Ligue1….

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