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Important Ligue1 transfers

Although the transfer window is still open until 1st of September already there are a couple of important moves that should influence the way teams perform.

Bastia lost a couple of important players and their performances will surely be affected if they won’t bring in some replacements. Keeper Landreau left the squad, just like defender Harek, defensive midfielder Sable, wingers Raspentino, Khazri and Krasic and attacking midfielder Ilan. It will be hard for Bastia without these players especially since the level of competitivity in Ligue1 is increasing at an alarming rate.

Bordeaux’s defensive power got diminished after central defender Henrique and defensive midfielder N’Guemo transferred-out.

Evian’s major problem will be finding a replacement for top-scorer Berigaud. At the moment there is no other player in the squad having similar attributes. Young talented fullback Sabaly went back to PSG leaving an empty place on the left side. Although very young Sabaly was an important element both for the defense and the offense.

Lille finally completed the transfer of fullback Corchia after failing to assure his services last season. Corchia should help Lille diversify the attacking phase as last season they weren’t very active on the flanks.

The left side was one of Lorient’s biggest strengths but now after losing winger Monnet-Paquet they will have to find alternative ways of creating actions.

Striker Gomis finally left Lyon for Swansea after expressing the desire to transfer-out for the past two seasons. But during this time his performances were lamentable so his absence shouldn’t influence Lyon’s play.

Marseille brought talented winger Alessandrini this way increasing the competition for a place in the lineup and assuring there is always value on the bench.

Monaco’s central defender Abidal transferred-out, but he was mostly a bench warmer in the 2nd part of the season as at 34 his reflexes are slower than ever.

Striker Niang finished his loan at Montpellier and went back to Milan. Montpellier brought Berigaud from Evian in the attempt to replace Niang. Berigaud is a talented player and if he will adapt there is no doubt he will become an important element.

Nantes lost key player Djordjevic and most probably they won’t be able to find a suitable replacement.

Two seasons ago Nice had one of the strongest defenses in Ligue1, with Pejcinovic and Civelli in the center. Civelli left a season ago and now Pejcinovic transferred-out. Most likely they’ll concede more goals this season.

PSG let central defender Alex go to Milan but they already have proper substitutes on the bench and also transferred-in defensive minded David Luiz from Chelsea.

Rennes brought hard working midfielder Andre but lost important winger Alessandrini and decent defender Boye. Overall they have a big squad and many rotations are foreseen before coach Montanier will be able to find the best formula.

Winger Monnet-Paquet arrived at St Etienne but the competition on the flanks is rough and he will have to work hard in order to earn a place in the lineup.

Toulouse lost key play-maker Chantome who was loaned-in from PSG. Without him creativity is drastically reduced and offensive players will have to double their efforts.

Stay tuned for more information on transfers until the window closes.

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