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Ajaccio and the Mutu issue

Ajaccio are known as fighters and a well put together group (they are after all from Napoleon’s birth place, Corsica). They struck gold two seasons ago when they brought in Mexican keeper Ochoa. Forwards must have surgeon precision to put a ball past him. Besides him, there were no other transfers to catch the public’s eye, that’s until Mutu arrived and everyone there hailed him as Messiah.

Decision takers at Ajaccio ignored his troubled past and well known behavioral issues. The Romanian forward is in his thirties and maybe everyone thought that along with aging the brain will get more comfortable in the head and the judgement will be clearer. So far Ajaccio’s fans haven’t seen any of Mutu’s skills, but what they got to see is frustration among teammates, frustration created by Mutu.

He is always too late for every pass, always to egocentric and oblivious to teammates and always angry when he’s substituted after not playing anything for about 60 minutes. Last game versus rivals Bastia he pushed everyone to their limits, when after a hard fought 0-0 draw he was nowhere to be found around the locker rooms, after coach Dupont substituted him earlier in the game.

Everyone was unpleasantly surprised and rumor has it that some kind of intervention squad is put together in order to have a word with Mutu… If the unity at Ajaccio will be destroyed they will be left with nothing, except maybe the best keeper in France. That won’t be enough for them to survive in Ligue1.

Remains to be seen how they will perform this week away at Lorient, a team wounded in their ego, after a shameful loss (6-1 away at Valenciennes) blamed mostly on a referee that could have easily been under the influence of hallucinogenic substances (maybe that ref is friends with Mutu…)



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