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Guingamp – Sochaux Preview

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Guingamp last round.

They were very active from beginning till end and managed to perfectly cover the entire field.

If before this round Guingamp mostly concentrated on creating on the wings, last round against Reims central midfielder Mathis and Sankhare got more involved than usual.

We could see many through balls for striker Yatabare coming from the center midfielders, dangerous balls that led to constant pressure.

Wingers however decreased in form as they are constantly being rotated by coach Gourvennec, but for this particular round it could be a good thing, as Guingamp are not exactly familiar with playing in the mid week so some players may feel the tiredness.

The defense look very solid and successfully covered all the tiny spaces that could have been exploited by opponents.

All in all Guingamp left a very good impression and it seems that only now they truly accommodated themselves with Ligue1. There are no new injuries or suspensions for the home side.

Sochaux on the other hand are an entire different story. Instead of evolving they go from bad to worse.

Central defenders Carlao and Zouma make childish errors that can be easily exploited by the most inexperienced of forwards. Fullback and captain Corchia seem to realize that everything is in vain and doesn’t even run after balls anymore.

Central defender Nogueira got injured and will miss. The other central midfielder Lopy gets injured as often as Europe wants to militarily intervene in foreign territories…In fact he just returned from injury last round and is a bit disorientated. Winger Contout, an incredible poor player that came from Auxerre a couple of seasons ago after they relegated, just got the player of the month award for Sochaux. Imagine how the rest of the players are…

It is a possibility that players have something cooked up for coach Hely and that’s why we see this non combat attitude and childish errors. True or not, maybe we will never know, but what we know for sure is that Sochaux in the current state can’t resist to an improved and determined Guingamp.

At odds of 1.93 we can almost double our investment on Guingamp without much efforts from out part or the hosts’…

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