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Guingamp – Rennes Preview

Guingamp had their share of chances last week (lost 1-0 away at Nice) but in the end playing against an organized and lucid team was too much for them.

But this round there’s going to be an entire different story. Their opponents Rennes have a chaotic playing style and are in a total disarray. On top of that they have some important injuries to cope with: central defender Kana Biyik substituted by young and weird (playing style weird I mean) Hountondji, central midfielders Konradsen and Pajot (suspended) who were helpful in both the defensive and offensive phase, or injured young winger Said (a talent to keep an eye on) who could successfully substitute out of form Pitroipa or overrated Kadir.

The good news for them is that winger Alessandrini made his comeback after about 1 year of being injured. Of course that at this point he isn’t able to make any difference on the field and the sole change may be in teammates morale.

Rennes’ game is suffering from all points of view. Upfront they aren’t able to create much and many of their goals came thanks to lucky executions. I simply can not recognize winger Pitroipa as he loses almost all the balls he touches. The other winger Kadir slowly faded away after scoring two lucky goals against Ajaccio 3 rounds ago.

Midfielder’s Feret free-kicks go outside the stadium and are a real danger for innocent bystanders. Only striker Oliveira can pose some danger as his shooting precision is very impressive.

Guingamp will be the ones imposing the rhythm of this. They will be in control of the midfield and won’t have many difficulties in opening up Rennes’ confused defense. Rennes aren’t able to hold much possession upfront, so most of the game will have only one direction, towards Costil (Rennes’ keeper who is also out of form).

Guingamp to win at the odds of 2.26 is definitely worth a shot.

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