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Guingamp – Monaco Preview

Guingamp made a nice game last round away at Valenciennes. Their efforts were constant and in the end they got a well deserved point. Of course this was possible not only because Guingamp were determined but also because Valenciennes are amazingly soft nowadays.

Usually Guingamp focus a lot on the defense, and I am not just saying this because of stats (they conceded less goals than teams like St Etienne, Lyon or Bordeaux). The two central midfielders Mathis and Sankhare are always on alert and disrupt everything opponents try and create.

Very rarely Guingamp start with 2 strikers but surely won’t be the case now. Even if top-scorer Yatabare could return after injury most probably he’ll start only on the bench.

1 striker less means another defensive minded central midfielder (especially with attacking mid Atik still out injured).

Guingamp won’t go kamikaze on Monaco, there’s no reason for that. Hosts will make their usual defensive game and push a bit on the flanks whenever they’ll feel there’s some space.

Monaco had a tough game last round against Ajaccio. Despite having over 70% possession they scored only once. Ajaccio defended in numbers and made Monaco’s task almost impossible. But to be honest, besides Rodriguez (who is in an excellent form since winger Carrasco got injured) there’s not much creative power.

The ball circulates a lot, but in the end it’s always Rodriguez who must deliver the crucial assist. And if he is properly marked Monaco can be annihilated.

Monaco are still without striker Falcao.

In the 1st half both teams will only probe each-other and only in the 2nd part they will push harder in order to force the opponent in making a mistake. If by any chance a goal will occur, those conceding it won’t have enough time to get back in the game.

Both teams to score-NO at the price of 1.72 is the best bet for this game.

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