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Guingamp – Gazelec Ajaccio Preview

Guingamp Gazelec Ajaccio Preview


Guingamp proved everyone that their win over Marseille two rounds ago was not just an isolated incident. Last week Guingamp made an excellent game away at Nice and although opponents mildly dominated Guingamp kept calm, closed down all possible spaces and hit back on counters.

It seems that striker Briand adapted to his new role and managed to deliver another assist. He hasn’t scored any goals so far but delivered two assist and acts more like a play-maker than a striker. In his career so far Briand was a cold blooded finisher and not the one setting up play for teammates. But because of his experience it seems he is also able to achieve full potential acting as a play-maker.

This game will be a bit different for Guingamp since they will need to take charge steadily build up play instead of relying on counters. Last time that happened Guingamp failed miserably and ended up conceding 3 goals (lost 3-0 to Bastia).


Although they lost 1-0 Gazelec Ajaccio made a surprisingly good game last week against Monaco and came very close to finding the equalizer a couple of times.

Even if opponents infiltrated inside the penalty box a couple of times, overall Ajaccio kept it tight at the back in-spite using many players in the offensive phase.

So far Ajaccio have failed to find the net in Ligue1 and won only 1 point. Coach Laurey is already aware of the delicate situation and is clearly visible that now Ajaccio are using more players in the attacking phase than in comparison to the start of the season. Getting desperate won’t exactly help Ajaccio but will have exactly the opposite effect.


It will be interesting to see how Guingamp perform when they are favorites but most likely Ajaccio will ease their job as they will continuously be looking for that first Ligue1 goal. Guingamp -0.75 at 2.20

UPDATE: Guingamp welcome back midfielders Giresse and Dos Santos while Larbi is once again available for Gazelec Ajaccio.

Guingamp: Lössl, M.Samassa – Sorbon, Kerbrat, Angoua, L.Jacobsen, Lemaître – Benezet, Mo.Diallo, Mathis, Sankharé, De Pauw, Coco, Dos Santos, Giresse – Privat, Salibur, Briand, Dembélé

Gazelec Ajaccio: Maury, Beber-Serreri – Coeff, Mangane, Filippi, Bréchet, Martinez, Is. Sylla – Dia, Poggi, Ducourtioux, Le Moigne, Djokovic, Larbi, Mayi – Pujol, Zoua, Boutaïb, Tshibumbu.

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