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Guingamp – Bordeaux Preview

Guingamp were pretty fortunate to take all points last round against Nantes. Nantes had their share of chances but failed to apply the final touch.

Guingamp’s defense showed some signs of tiredness as the same old players are regulars week after week. Nowadays they are slower in comparison to the first rounds. Against Nantes (who rely only on Djordjevic upfront) Guingamp had major defensive problems.

Upfront top scorer Yatabare is still injured but the real bad news is the suspension of his replacement Mandanne.

In these conditions Guingamp will have to convert a winger or use talentless Douniama as a striker.

Last result was typical of Bordeaux (4-0 vs Ajaccio). They go from bad to worse for a couple of rounds and all of a sudden unleash all the frustration accumulated past rounds.

They did the same about about 2 months ago when they trashed Sochaux 4-1. About a month of great performances followed, period after which Bordeaux slowly faded, only to raise and shine again last round.

The major issue, the offensive softness, seem to have been solved. All offensive players (midfielder Sertic included) appear to have found their playing / scoring appetite.

The defense is still solid just like before, but now with teammates upfront holding the ball more, the pressure on them is reduced.

With both strikers out, Guingamp will need help from a divinity to open up Bordeaux. Most probably they won’t have the same luck as against Nantes, as Bordeaux’s players seem determined to take advantage and convert every single chance.

Odds are wrongly set, Bordeaux +0.25 at 1.74 should be taken without hesitation.

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