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Gazelec Ajaccio Montpellier Preview

gazelec ajaccio montpellier preview


Last week Gazelec Ajaccio were under mild domination for most of the game, but the final result was still very disappointing since they conceded in extra time (lost at Rennes 1-0).

Ajaccio had their share of chances but they weren’t as inspired as in previous rounds. Hopefully this will change on home ground, where they are usually more aggressive and create more scoring opportunities.

Ajaccio are lucky because they can still be pushy and in the same time concentrate forces in defense. They do not need to bring many players in the attacking phase and it’s hard to catch them off guard.


Montpellier lost all Ligue1 games since the season resumed, and every small improvement in their playing style proves to be only a false alarm.

In the attempt to add a bit of vitality to the attacking phase, coach Martini started with 19 years old winger Ribelin in the lineup. Overall there was no difference and Montpellier were still very shy in the offensive phase.

Guests have major problems in creating scoring opportunities, in-fact after 22 rounds they have one of the poorest record in Ligue1, with only 3.7 shots on target while the tournament average is 8.3.

Guests will miss important central midfielder Congre due to suspension.


If Gazelec Ajaccio will make their usual home game, it will seem they are from a different galaxy than Montpellier, who are slow, uninspired and predictable. Missing important defender Congre won’t be of any help for Montpellier. Gazelec Ajaccio -0.25 at 2.19

UPDATE: Montpellier will miss midfielder Sanson due to injury

Gazelec Ajaccio: not communicated yet

Montpellier: Pionnier, Ligali – Roussillon, Congré, Hilton, Skhiri, Bensebaini, Deplagne – J.Martin, Boudebouz, Br.Dabo, W.Rémy, Saihi – M.Yatabaré, So.Camara, Ninga, Bérigaud, Bakar

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