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France’s first training session in Brazil

The atmosphere inside French national team seems to be wonderful and everyone is in high confidence. At the first training session at Ribeirao Preto players looked very lively in-front of around 5000 fans.

According to reports winger Remy was very active in the attempt to earn a place as a regular in the upcoming games. But it will be very difficult for him, especially with coach Deschamps willing to try a new system, with both forwards Giroud and Benzema in the lineup at once.

Only right fullback Debuchy was left on the sidelines as he suffered a minor injury and nobody wants to assume any risks ahead of the official games.

Players have so much faith that young Pogba even stated that France can go all the way and win the World Cup. That may be a bit too optimistic, but to be honest it’s been quite some time since Les Blues left aside all the scandals and everyone concentrated fully at playing football. The good mood corroborated with the talented squad can assure France will be a bitter competitor for all teams considered favorites of the tournament.

Stay tuned for more updates and previews of France’s games.

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