France U21 – Armenia U21 Preview - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

France U21 – Armenia U21 Preview

There are a couple of changes in France’s team in comparison to the game played about a month ago in Yerevan (France won 4-1).

Central midfielder Imbula (Marseille) was left out due to a conflict with coach Sagnol. To replace him is young star Rabiot from PSG, who was promoted from the U19 team. Rabiot does great in Ligue1 against experienced opponents, so this game will be a piece of cake for him.

Other players not called are Benjamin Mendy (Marseille), Lindsay Rose (Valencienens), Sidibe (Lille), Bifouma (Espanyol), Ongenda (PSG) and Benzia (Lyon injured)

On the other hand talented fullback Kurzawa (Monaco) is a new addition to the team, just like Auxerre’s players, N’Gando and Haller, both of them offensive minded. If we count winger Ntep (also from Auxerre) we realize there’s a bright future for Auxerre, at least financially…

It’s been a while since France had such a powerful U21 team. The team is crawling with talent and skilled players. They should not have any problems in securing an easy qualification for the 2015 Uefa U21 Championship played in Czech Republic.

The team could look something like this:

——————Areola / Boucher—————-


——-Kondogbia (Monaco)——–Mendy (Nice)—–

Thauvin (Marseille)–Rabiot (PSG)–Eysseric (Nice)

——————Martial (Monaco)—————–

This team is only a possibility, there are many other alternatives available, such as using winger Ntep, midfielders Sanson, Veretout or Ferri, or fullback Kurzawa.

But kids will be kids and especially those achieving success at an early age (Thauvin and Martial) can start thinking the entire world evolves around them and have an individualistic and superficial approach.

Thauvin and Martial were like models on stage in last games. They played only for themselves and for the cameras. Especially in first halves their performances were disastrous and very annoying.

They needed some time to get back on Earth among mortals… That’s how we can explain the 3 goals scored in 2nd half versus Armenia, and the other 3 goals scored also in 2nd half versus Iceland.

In first halves we only get to see failed back-heels, exaggerated dribbling moves, and strange attempts from 30 meters. Thauvin and Martial think of themselves as demigods, the sons of Zeus…

Only in 2nd halves this attitude dissipates and things go back to normal. Not to mention the high possibility of substituting forward Martial (should happen around min 60) with a player really wanting to prove himself (Haller from Auxerre for example).

All the factors point to more goals in 2nd half. Even the opponent Armenia, who will come to France with the sole intention of not getting trashed. They will carefully respect all the tactic indications and will defend in numbers in the 1st half, making it almost impossible for France to achieve something, especially with Thauvin trying to dribble his way through 10 players… In 2nd half Armenia should forget about organization and discipline, as after all, kids will be kids…

More goals to be scored in 2nd half is an excellent bet. Odds for such bets are always around 2.30, but in this case they are a bit lower at 1.90, which is still pretty decent. At the time of writing this PaddyPower is the only bookie offering this bet.

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