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France to reach the semi-finals at 2.90

The confidence and the good mood are simply at astronomical levels after France destroyed Switzerland 5-2.

In 1998 was the last World Cup game in which France managed to score at least 4 goals, when they defeated Saudi Arabia 4-0. For those of you who forgot, France went on to in the World Cup in 1998. It was their best tournament ever and the only time in history when they became world champions.

Similarities don’t stop here. Both in 1998 and 2014 France won the first two group games (in 1998 they won all three games, just like it will most probably happen in 2014).

Ever since the tournament in ’98 the French side has been plagued by internal conflicts and all sorts of scandals, problems that made France drop many points in Fifa World Rankings. After 16 tumultuous years France finally found some serenity and it can be seen in their playing style and results. Regardless the fact that best player Ribery is out injured, France produce impressive performances and most of all they are constant throughout the entire 90 minutes.

If Germany succeeds in winning their group there’s a high possibility we will see them play France in the quarter-finals, and especially after Germany’s game against Ghana (drew 2-2) they really shouldn’t be favorites… If Germany won’t top their group, France will have an open road until the semi-finals, when only then they will encounter a truly powerful opponent.

At 2.90 the odds on France to reach the semi-finals should seriously be taken in consideration.

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