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France – Germany Preview

Although both of France’s goals came late in second half they fully deserved to win the game against Nigeria (2-0). Opponents put up quite a fight so French players had to make the best of their skills in order to create open spaces.

France were in charge for most of the game and had the best of chances and at times the pressure was so intense that Nigerian players seem to suffocate.

Arsenal’s Giroud started as the lone striker this time but couldn’t convert any of the chances created by teammates. Benzema played as a winger until Griezmann substituted Giroud. Against Germany there is a high possibility that Benzema will play upfront from the 1st minute, since in this formula France have more speed and creativity.

France have bad memories when it comes to playing Germany at the World Cup as they were eliminated in semifinals both in 1982 and 1986. But now there is a different story and France actually have a decent chance.

Germany started the tournament in force defeating Portugal 4-0 but slowly faded afterwards. Both the defense and the offense started to disappoint.

Fullback Lahm is being used as a defensive midfielder and is clearly not comfortable in that position as he is hesitant and always a step behind opponents. I am not sure of the official statistics but he must have one of the poorest ratios when it comes to interceptions. The defense was never Germany’s strong point, so without proper support from midfield they are very vulnerable.

Germany use 3 pure blooded offensive players so the preferred method of building actions is down the flanks with long balls delivered inside the penalty box. If the lone striker is marked responsibly Germany can be annihilated like it happened against Algeria (even if Germany won in extra time 2-1). France also have 3 central midfielders with impressive defensive abilities who can always help fullbacks in closing down spaces on the wings. Not able to exploit the flanks Germany will have to improvise and search for a plan B. But until they’ll find a solution it may be too late in the game… France DNB at 2.26

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