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France – Finland Preview

This must be a first in the history of football: a national football team to be more unpopular than a politician (namely head of state).

French president Hollande promised wonders in the electoral campaign, mainly social reforms that were to redress the biggest issues of French society.

After getting elected Hollande began to concentrate on rewarding his political sponsors. He is relentlessly lobbying for new contracts worldwide for French corporation, and back home he focuses only on helping the state sponsored business class in finding more ways to exploit the workers. It is well understood why his popularity went down the drain…

Still, believe it or not, the French National team is way more unpopular than president Hollande. According to a poll conducted by French newspaper Le Parisien 82% of French people have a bad opinion of the current French National team.

The poll was released on Sunday, after France played the friendly with Australia so it didn’t affect their performance. The poll also reveals other beliefs of the French people: 86% think French players are over-payed, 84% think they are too egoistic, 73% think players are vulgar (tasteless, kitschy), 54% believe France won’t qualify for the World Cup.

The saddest of all is that 45% believe the French national team characterizes the attitude and character of French youths today. I’d go further and say it characterizes many more societies deeply affected by the unjust distribution of wealth.

Only 10% think players are motivated, 24% believe they are talented, 9% think players are close to the public and 8% believe players truly love the National team…

No matter how arrogant one may be, there’s no possible way not to be influenced by such beliefs. So expect a French side with an affected morale.

The game versus Australia (6-0 win) may have left the impression that France is a world class team. This is definitely not the case. Almost all of France’s actions were carried out on the left flank by Ribery. He is the only world class player that made the entire difference. Even wasteful Benzema managed to score thanks to Ribery. Benzema hadn’t scored in decades and once Ribery was substituted Benzema got back to being his old self, having childish goal attempts…

In fact after Ribery was substituted the entire team became mediocre. Australia even started to hold possession and pose danger.

France’s other winger Remy could only watch how all the balls were given to Ribery on the other side. He barely participated and touched the ball when Ribery was on the field.

The game was played in Paris (just like this game will be) and attacking midfielder Valbuena from Marseille was continuously booed by the fans (rivalry PSG – Marseille). With the diplomacy characteristic to an arrogant and over-payed player, Valbuena reacted after the game by calling all fans idiots… Imagine how he will be treated on Tuesday night…

Midfielder Matuidi is in the form of his life but he is left on the bench. The reasons for this decision go beyond Matuidi’s form and talent. This issue may be address in a future post as it requires some detailed writing. It involves football agent Jean-Pierre Bernes (one of the most powerful persons in French football), coach Deschamps (whose agent is Bernes) and Matuidi (Bernes was his ex agent and the contract was dropped with scandal).

Only by a miracle could France qualify directly to the World Cup (Spain must be defeated by Georgia…) so there goes French motivation. The myth of being seeded for the playoff was busted as France could only be seeded in the detriment of Sweden, and as of late Sweden ticks like a Swiss clock, so there goes French motivation again…

I’ve only seen opponents Finland once this year. In the summer, when they played Belarus, I remember betting on Finland and seeing the game. It is a lucid and solid team, well organized, confidently keeping its ground.

At first sight Finland have nothing to lose or gain. But a good result in Paris will be enough of a reward for talented players like Pukki from Celtic, Eremenko or veteran Tainio.

Finland is no average team, in fact Finnish people can’t be just average no matter if we’re talking sports, arts, music and so on, when having the best educational system in the world… This should be quite a duel, France whose players are perceived to be arrogant and egoists will be up against a well educated and humble side…

I hope you found this preview interesting and informative in the same time.
For all the reason mentioned above the low odds on France are inexplicable and look like a joke. I see that bookies are reluctant and late in giving any odds for handicaps on Finland. They are most probably looking for more information before making up their minds (or waiting for this preview…joking). Only Ladbrokes opened up Finland +2 at 1.74 but now it is suspended. Still Finland +2 should range somewhere from 1.70 to 1.80 and it is simply a must take.

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