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Evian – Valenciennes preview

Evian’s performances get weaker as round goes by, but somehow they still get good results (won 1-0 vs Guingamp last round).

They were cornered for the entire game against Guingamp last round and managed to keep a clean sheet only because opponents have aiming problems.

Judging only by recent results it may appear Evian are in an excellent form and have a productive playing style, but this is a false impression, they are just a mediocre bunch threatened by relegation woes, who recently got lucky.

Evian will welcome back central defender Angoula from suspension. Also fullback Abdallah will return after being injured a couple of rounds. He has yet to adapt at Evian as he only played a few games since transferring-in this winter.

Offensive players De Melo and Sougou will once again miss through injury.

Just like Evian, Valenciennes were also very fortunate to win last round (2-1 vs Rennes). Rennes were the ones imposing the rythm and having most of the chances, until the referee decided to get involved, showed Rennes a red card and invented a penalty for Valenciennes.

They rely a lot on striker Waris for converting chances, but despite scoring 5 goals since transferring-in he is a wasteful player and can miss the easiest of opportunities. For example last round he missed a penalty and managed to score only on the rebound.

Guests will welcome back central midfielder Enza-Yamissi after he was suspended last round. But the other central midfielder Ducourtioux is still serving his suspension..

Both sides won last round but their playing styles were far from convincing. There’s not much difference between them in this moment, especially not like bookies suggest. They will concentrate primarily on not making any mistakes, as the 3 points are vital for assuring another season in Ligue1.

UPDATE: Valenciennes welcome back forward Bahebeck but he never made much of a difference anyway.

Evian: Hansen, Laquait – Wass, Abdallah, Mongongu, Jon.Mensah, Cambon, Sabaly, A.Angoula – Sorlin, Tié Bi, Barbosa, Boccara, Benezet, Bertoglio – Bérigaud, Ruben, Nsikulu

Valenciennes: Novaes, Penneteau – Ciss, Kagelmacher, Lala, Masuaku, Mater, Medjani, Nery – Da Silva, M.Dossevi, Doumbia, Enza-Yamissi, Houri, Melikson – Bahbeck, Pujol, Waris

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