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Evian – Lille Preview

Evian’s coach Dupraz had enough of the bad run so far in 2014 and decided to change the system.

Since 2 rounds ago Evian started playing with 2 strikers and another 3 pure offensive players. They scored only 2 goals in 2 games, so when it comes to the attacking phase the change is not that significant. But when it comes to defending, the open spaces are bigger than ever.

Evian were lucky to encounter opponents that failed to exploit those spaces, but this will most probably change against Lille, especially since fullback Abdallah got injured and will miss.

Most likely Wass will be the one replacing him, and Wass should be regarded as another offensive player, since he played mostly as a winger and not as a fullback.

With more than half the team (6 players) being orientated mostly at attacking, Evian will give away more spaces than usual. Even if they will concentrate on attacking, it certainly doesn’t mean they will be able to score.

Lille are very organized at the back and even if central defender Kjaer will once again miss, replacement Rozenhal is a solid player.

Lille can be considered as kind of slow upfront, but playing against a loose team surely compensates… No matter how slow forwards Kalou or Roux may be, they can take as much time as they like in front of goal, seeing that nobody will disturb them.

It won’t be an easy game, but Lille should win in the end because of a better organization and far more talented players. The odds of 2.05 for Lille to win are good enough.

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