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Evian – Guingamp Preview

This should be an interesting encounter seeing that no less than 5 players will be suspended, 3 from Evian and 2 from Guingamp.

It got to this situation because referees in France are simply a disgrace and those in charge of football are actually encouraging them.

Leaving aside the already injured defenders Mensah and Djadjedje, Evian will also be without attacking midfielder Barbosa, Bertoglio and defensive midfielder Kone, all of them suspended. Especially Kone will be severely missed seeing that either Cambon or Boccara will have to partner Sorlin in the central midfield. Boccara is not really a defensive midfielder and Cambon really lacks the most important defensive attributes: tackling skills and positioning.

Upfront Evian will still be able to create and pose danger. Striker Berigaud is in good form and will constantly receive help from talented wingers Benezet and Sougou. Furthermore Evian’s fullbacks (Wass and Sabaly, both of them talented players) usually participate a lot in the offensive phase, even if that means neglecting the defensive duties.

If circumstances would have been different I would have definitely picked a handicap on Guingamp. But they will be without suspended central midfielders Sankhare and Mathis. I have to be honest and admit that I can’t even imagine Guingamp without them. They are exponential players, very active and of tremendous help mainly to the defense.

Without them there will be no one to preempt incoming danger. Guingamp’s defense is only average and huge troubles are foreseen in this game.

Upfront there’s a different story. Their main man Yatabare is in top form and his favorite assists almost always come from the wings. So the absence of central midfielders won’t reduce the offensive potential that much.

A game between two sides with good offensive power and diminished defensive capabilities should produce goals, at least 3 goals. The odds for over 2.5 are are just too high at 2.00 and we should exploit that.

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