Evian – Ajaccio Preview Round22 - Ligue 1 Betting Tips

Evian – Ajaccio Preview Round22

Evian were satisfied with the point they got last round at Lyon, and it was a fully deserved point. But if they would have been more daring maybe they would have gotten more. They completely neglected the offensive phase and didn’t pose any threats.

They are deprived of many players gone at African Cup OF Nations, but even so, their play has a good flow, they are confident every time they touch the ball, and in every game they enter the field determine to make the most of it.

Veteran midfielder Barbosa is undoubtedly their best player. He’s just like an illusionist, he’s everywhere, in the defense, midfield, offense.

Newly transferred Ninkovic (loaned from Dinamo Kiev) hans’t really found a rhythm yet, and is not very helpful. Maybe it would be a good idea to give him more time on the bench and not start with him in the line up so soon.

Offensive players like Berigaud and Sagbo have good potential and can be relied upon. Their display differs from one game to another, depending on the support they get from teammates. This should be one of those games when support won’t lack…considering the state of the opponent.

Ajaccio were really horrible last round. 1-0 up and with 1 man more, they managed to miss a penalty and ended drawing 1-1 vs Valenciennes. Mutu was once again the beauty and the beast, as he managed to score a goal (with an empty net after the ball bounced to him…) and miss a penalty at 1-0… Things are clearly heading in the worng direction for the Corsican club.

There are lots of issues in all departments. In the defense if they wouldn’t have have Ochoa as a keeper, most probably they would have been right before Nancy in the table…

In the midfield ever since winger Belghazouani¬† gone to CAN they barely create anything. On the good side, defensive midfielder Faty gets back after injury, but that won’t help building the play that much.

Upfront striker Eduardo left and instead they brought in Oliech, ex Auxerre.  Forward Mutu can only score with an empty net, gets easily frustrated and only creates tension in the team.

The way they look now, Ajaccio just can’t survive in Ligue1.

Guests will most probably try and defend in numbers and once in a while send some long balls for Mutu. It will be useless as the Romanian forward should end his career rather than embarrass himself further… Evian are capable of applying enough pressure on Ochoa for him to finally crack. Home win.


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